Autumn 2020

Although there has been some easing of restrictions, the Covid-19 pandemic still looms over us so that we cannot yet  produce and distribute a print version of The Circular. However you can still read The Circular online here. You can download it to read offline and can print individual pages or the whole in A5 using the 'pamphlet' setting if your printer allows. We are pleased that we can hold services in our churches once more - albeit limited in format - beginning with a weekly said evening service on Sundays - and details of services for August are included in this Autumn Circular. 

We have also provided abbreviated versions - in full colour and in B&W - and you may find it easier to print these in A5 booklet form - our usual print size. There are some tips on the best way to do this.  If you know of people who do not have access to this website then perhaps you could print one of the abbreviated versions for them to read.

All versions are in pdf format.

The Circular can be viewed on-line or downloaded by clicking on the link below:

The Circular - Autumn 2020

(To install the free Adobe pdf viewer go to the Links page of our website) 

The abbreviated print-at-home versions are here -

in full colour: Home print colour

and in B&W (with colour covers): Home print B&W

and some helpful notes for printing: How to print a copy


The deadline for sending copy to the editor for the next (Winter) edition is 18th October 2020

Send us your photographs of events in our communities


This online version of The Circular does not include advertisements.

We hope to be able to print and distribute the Winter edition.

To advertise in future editions contact the editor Fiona Le Masurier by e-mail on:


Enjoy reading The Circular


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