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Date: 1st July 2020

Time: 10:00 - 10:45

“What do you think about . . . .?”

Hello everyone and welcome to our Wednesday 'Conversation at 10'

This morning: “What do you think about . . . . The Bible?” (Part 7)

The foundations of our faith are built on the words of The Bible - the history contained in the Old Testament, the poetry of the Psalms, the story of Jesus' life in the New Testament, the accounts of the early church in Acts, the letters of Paul and others and finally, John's vision in the Book of Revelation. Some parts of The Bible are probably very familiar to us, others less so. Some make easy reading, offering comfort, support and hope; other parts are more difficult and challenging.

We ended last week on the uplifting story of Ruth. Today we return to accounts of the Israelites' conflicts with neighbouring tribes as they seek a more stable leadership. The two books of Samuel recount the prophet's role in the appointment of the first king, Saul and then of David - who established Jerusalem as Israel's capital. In the books of Kings we read of king Solomon (David's son, who built the Jerusalem Temple) and of the division of the state of Israel. The prophet Elijah and then Elisha appear in these books. Yet again the people of Israel turn from God and are exiled to Babylon.  The two books of Chronicles cover some of the same ground but end later with a hint that the exile in Babylon may be coming to an end.

This completes the historical books of the Old Testament and next week we read a little about some of the prophets before we enjoy the book of Psalms.

Chris, in his email invitation, will send us links to the books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles (they are all quite short) - and you can find them here too:

Here are the links to: Samuel (1)Samuel (2)Kings 1 & 2Chronicles 1 & 2

(At the bottom of this page are the lectionary readings set for today. You might find that they fit well with the Old Testament books we are reading!)

To catch up or review any of the chapters and topics we have covered so far, just click on the links below - and don't worry if you miss reading one or more; they will stay on the Wednesday pages of the Calendar as we go ahead.

We look forward to seeing you so, settle comfortably with a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit - and let us share our thoughts.

Everyone is welcome!

Below are links to the Bible chapters and topics we have discussed so far:

Genesis Part 1Genesis Part 2

Exodus Part 1 / Exodus Part 2

Leviticus / Numbers

How to read The Bible (3): Literary Styles in The Bible (3)

Theme for the week (3 June): Atonement

Deuteronomy (version1) ; Deuteronomy (Version 2)

 - and the Jewish words:  'Shema' (Hear)'YHWH' (Lord)'Ahavah' (Love)'Lev' (Heart)'Nephesh' (Soul)'Me'od' (Strength)

Learn about Jewish Meditation Literature and discover King Solomon's Temple

St John Howsham Apse ; St John Howsham reredos

Joshua / Judges / Ruth

All the clips are from 'The Bible Project' and from our Links page you can access the full Bible Project website).

The link to our 'Zoom' meetings and services will be emailed a day or two in advance. If you don't usually get this and would like to join us then please contact Revd Chris Wingfield by email. We look forward to seeing you online on Wednesday and/or Sunday mornings for as long as the current restrictions last.

Some passages from The Bible that it might help to read:

    Isaiah 55:10-11

    2Timothy 3:14-17

    Luke 24:44

    John 5:16

    2 Peter 1:20-21


Following guidance from the Church of England and the Department of Health

ALL church services are cancelled until further notice.

We hope for a limited opening of some of our churches soon for personal prayer (NOT for services), so check our website for updates.

Please see the "Covid-19 Our churches online" section of our website for some resources to help you pray and worship at home and to keep you in touch with our family of the church.

And here are the scripture passages set for for today

Amos 5:14-15, 21-24 (A call to repentance)
Psalm 50:7-14 (Restore me to the joy of your salvation)

Matt 8:28-34 (Jesus drives out demons into a herd of pigs)

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