Summer 2016

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The Circular includes a list of services in the 10 churches of the Harton Benefice together with news of recent and forthcoming events in and around our villages.

The Archbishop of York's Pilgrimage reaches our Benefice in May

In this edition find out when and where you can join in

The Circular (as a .pdf) can be viewed on-line or downloaded by clicking on the link below:



You are welcome to print it out - but there are 44 pages!

Around 1000 copies are printed each quarter and are distributed free of charge by teams of volunteers.

If you live in the area and would like to receive a paper copy please contact any of the churchwardens in the Benefice or a member of The Circular printing group (listed at the back of The Circular).

The deadline for sending copy to the editor for the next (Autumn) edition is 15th July 2016

Our thanks to those who have placed advertisements in The Circular.  To advertise in future editions contact the editor Fiona Le Masurier by e-mail on


We hope that you enjoy reading The Circular!

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