Autumn 2011

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Sand Hutton & Whitwell Group of Parishes




The Circular














Autumn edition 2011


August     September     October


Sand Hutton     Claxton     Flaxton

Gate Helmsley     Upper Helmsley     Bossall

Buttercrambe     Howsham    Harton

Whitwell on the Hill     Crambe     Foston

Barton Le Willows     Thornton Le Clay











Services for the Sand Hutton and Whitwell Benefices

August 2011

Wed 3rd August – 10am Holy Communion                     Howsham


Sunday 7th August                                            Trinity 7

10.30                        Benefice Eucharist                             Whitwell

Mon 8th    August    8.30am Morning Prayer                     Bossall

Wed 10th August – 10am Holy Communion                    Flaxton


Sunday 14th August                                Trinity 8

  9.00                   Holy Communion                                    Upper Helmsley

10.30                   Family Service & Baptism                      Gate Helmsley

10.30                   Family Communion                                 Flaxton

 6.30                    Evening Prayer                                         Howsham

Mon 15th August – 8.30am Morning Prayer                      Sand Hutton

Wed 17th August – 10am Holy Communion                     Bossall


Sunday 21st August                                 Trinity 9

10.30                   Benefice Eucharist                                   Buttercrambe   

Mon 22nd August - 8.30am Morning Prayer                      Bossall

Wed 24th August – 10am Holy Communion                     Whitwell


Sunday 28th August                                Trinity 10

 9.00                    Holy Communion                                    Bossall      

10.30                   Holy Communion                                    Sand Hutton

10.30                   Morning Prayer                                         Foston

Mon 29th August – 8.30am Morning Prayer                      Sand Hutton

Wed 31st August – 10am Holy Communion                      Upper Helmsley



September 2011


Sunday 4th September                                      Trinity 11

10.30                   Benefice Eucharist                                   Upper Helmsley

Mon 5th September - 8.30am Morning Prayer                  Bossall

Wed 7th September – 10am Holy Communion                 Foston


Sunday 11th September                                   Trinity 12

 9.00                    Holy Communion                                    Bossall

10.30                   Holy Communion                                    Gate Helmsley

10.30                   Family Service                                          Flaxton

Mon 12th  – 8.30am Morning Prayer                                  Sand Hutton

Wed 14th September – 10am Holy Communion              Sand Hutton


Sunday 18th September                                   Trinity 13

10.30                   Benefice Eucharist                                   Howsham

Mon 19th September - 8.30am Morning Prayer                Bossall

Wed 21st September – 10am Holy Communion               Crambe


Sunday 25th September                                   Trinity 14

 9.00                    Holy Communion                                    Whitwell   

10.30                   Holy Communion                                    Sand Hutton

10.30                   Harvest                                                      Foston

11.30                   Harvest                                                      Buttercrambe

Mon 26th September – 8.30am Morning Prayer               Sand Hutton

Wed 28th September – 10am Holy Communion              Howsham

Thu 29th September – 6.30pm Harvest                              Whitwell

Fri 30th September – 7pm Harvest                                     Upper Helmsley



October 2011


Sunday 2nd October                                          Trinity 15

10.30                   Benefice Eucharist                                    Foston

Mon 3rd October -      8.30am Morning Prayer                 Bossall

Wed 5th October –      10am Holy Communion                Buttercrambe

Thu 6th October –       6.30pm Harvest                               Gate Helmsley


Sunday 9th October                                          Trinity 16

 9.00                    Holy Communion                                    Bossall

11.00                   Harvest                                                      Flaxton

 6.30                    Harvest                                                      Howsham

Mon 10th October – 8.30am Morning Prayer                   Sand Hutton

Wed 12th October – 10am Holy Communion                   Whitwell



Sunday 16th October                                        Trinity 17

10.30                   Benefice Eucharist                                   Buttercrambe

Mon 17th October - 8.30am Morning Prayer                     Bossall

Wed 19th October – 10am Holy Communion                   Flaxton


Sunday 23rd October                     Last after Trinity/ Bible Sunday

10.30                   Benefice Communion                              Sand Hutton

                             King James Bible & Book of Common Prayer

Mon 24th October – 8.30am Morning Prayer                   Sand Hutton

Wed 26th October – 10am Holy Communion                   Crambe


Sunday 30th October                     4th Before Advent/ All Saints

10.30                   Benefice Eucharist                                   Whitwell

Mon 31st Oct - 8.30am Morning Prayer                             Bossall

Wed 2nd Nov – 7pm All Souls Service                               Bossall


Sunday 6th November                                                3rd Before Advent

 9.00                    Holy Communion                                    Bossall


10.30                   Holy Communion                                    Gate Helmsley

10.30                   Family Service                                          Flaxton

Mon 7th Nov – 8.30am Morning Prayer                             Sand Hutton

Wed 9th Nov – 10am Holy Communion                            Upper Helmsley


Sunday 13th November                           Remembrance Sunday

10.30                   Benefice Service of Remembrance         Sand Hutton

Noon- Act of Remembrance at the Memorial between Claxton and Sand Hutton



MONDAY MORNING SERVICE – every Monday at 8.30am there is a half hour service either in Sand Hutton or Bossall. It is a service open to all who wish to begin a new week with prayer. It is also a time when we can offer prayers for those unable to be with us. If there is anything you would like included in our prayers on a Monday do give me a call. Ivan 01904 468844



Our annual offering of thanks for the gifts of creation takes place in several of our Churches. Do make an effort to support your local Church and give thanks for the work that goes on in the fields and farms around us throughout the year.


FOSTON All Saints – Sunday 25th September 10.30am – Preacher Rev’d John Manchester (Former Vicar of Old Malton)


BUTTERCRAMBE St John – Sunday 25th September 11.30am – Preacher – Rev’d Ivan Howitt


CRAMBE/WHITWELL combined – at St John Whitwell Thursday 29th September 6.30pm – Preacher Rev’d Dr. Quentin Wilson (Former Rural Dean and now Parish Priest of Old Malton)


UPPER HELMSLEY St Peter – Friday 30th September 7pm – Preacher Rev’d Jeremy Valentine (Former Vicar of Sand Hutton who needs little introduction!)


GATE HELMSLEY St Mary – Thursday 6th October 6.30pm – Preacher Sister Margaret Ann CSPH


FLAXTON St Lawrence – Sunday 9th October 11am – Preacher Rev’d Ivan Howitt


HOWSHAM St John – Sunday 9th October 6.30pm – Preacher TBA





There will be a Special benefice Service 23rd October 10.30am in Sand Hutton to commemorate Bible Sunday by using the King James Bible in the setting of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer.

This Bible and Prayer Book have been at the heart of worship in the Church of England for hundreds of years, and this year we celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible.


All Souls

         Wednesday  2nd November at 7 p.m.

            at St Botolph’s Church, Bossall

A special service to remember our departed loved ones. At the service candles will be lit for, and names read out of those who have passed away. All are welcome to attend.

If anyone has a name or names they would

like read out please do let Ivan know.

                       Tel: 01904 468844 email:



Sunday 13th November is the day we will remember those who have given their lives in war. This years service will be 10.30am on 13th November in St Mary Sand Hutton, at which Rev’d Peter Jaram will be the preacher.

The service will be followed at around 12noon for an Act of Remembrance at the Memorial between Sand Hutton and Claxton.



Greetings from the Vicarage,


We all enjoy a reason to celebrate! Whether it be a birthday, anniversary, wedding, getting good exam results etc. etc.

As a delightful young girl said during a recent baptism service, ‘it is time for the party?’


We enjoy a party, a chance to get together with friends and family to mark a special occasion. Sharing a personal achievement with folk around you is heart warming and meaningful.

On 29th June I had been a Priest 25 years. On July 3rd at the Sunday service I was privileged to recount my ordination in Canterbury cathedral in 1986, and share my own sense of warmth and meaning with all who came. A superb lunch had been put on after the service and it was truly great to mark things in such a way. I was absolutely amazed at being presented with an envelope, and I am most grateful to ALL who contributed to this – thank you!


For me it was about marking a milestone in my own life and ministry and taking the opportunity to share that joy with people around me! As I spoke of last month, life for all of us is a journey. An ongoing journey. There are many milestones along the way helping us to mark significant moments of our progress. But do we know where our journey is leading? Is it to a hole in the ground when we come to a stop? Or do we look beyond what we can see on the horizon and glimpse a divine destination? Each of us have our own thoughts on that!


Our greatest celebration is that WE HAVE LIFE! All other milestone celebrations are a part of that celebration. As we mark each celebration we should cast our inner eyes toward the foundation of that life, a creator who gives nurtures and sustains life, not only here, but also beyond our earthly horizon.


May God bless your journey and your celebrations.

Ivan Howitt – Sand Hutton Vicarage




Welcome to those newly baptised


15th May             Alfie Robinson

10th July              Noah Nutbrown

                                10th July              Charlie Hutchinson

                                      10th July              Chloe Hutchinson








Our condolences to the families and friends of



                                                May 5th                David Towse                Aged 72              Barton Hill

May 17th             Robert Headley            Aged 62

June 14th             Elsie Simpson              Aged 72              Bishopthorpe

June 28th             Peter Lockwood           Aged 90              Flaxton

July 5th                James Brewer               Aged 87              Whitwell

July 8th                Margaret Ritchie Aged 74              Gibraltar


We commend them into God’s gracious keeping





The study group meetings for the coming quarter will all be

at The Vicarage at 7.30pm


Tues 2nd August Tues 27th September           Tues 1st November

        Tues 29th November


If you want to know more call Ivan 01904 468844







A small group has been set up in the Benefice to look at developing work

with Children. This will not be just on Sundays and at services,

but also during holidays and special festivals.


If anyone would like to help with this then do have a word with

Ivan Tel: 01904 468844



What has been happening at……………………….



Since our last edition events at St John have moved on apace! There is now an operational Church Council taking on the responsibility of running the parish. One of it’s first duties has been to try and decide how best to deal with a 37ft deep well that was discovered in the Churchyard! As someone pointed out to me, ‘why do you think it is called whit well??’ A place of many wells! Investigations are ongoing at this point, taking advice from various bodies to see how best to proceed.

The good news is that with a new church council St John is now in a better position to remain open and operational for the whole community.



A big ‘WELL DONE’ should be offered to those who have spent years raising money, filling in forms, applying for grants and dealing with bats, as the work on the roof and building comes toward an end!

It has been far from straight forward! The frustration that the church officers have experienced has been enormous. Many times plans have been thwarted and more money needed. The cost of finding a bat roost in St Michael amounted to several thousand pounds and the best part of a year in delay!

MOST annoyingly was the realisation that services in the building were becoming impossible due to the internal state. Intense discussion has been held to decide how best to proceed and eventually it was decided to suspend services until the work had been completed. Thus, services in this Circular only include Wednesday services which will be held at Pilgrim Cottage (Grateful thanks to Dorothy Martin). When the building works are finished an inspection will be made and a decision taken on when to restart services in St Michael.

In the mean time do remember that financing bills still has to be maintained, so could locals still send gifts to St Michael’s via the Treasurer Dorothy Martin? That would be most appreciated.

Again, thank you, and well done, for all the hard work. We look forward to the archbishop rededicating the building in December!




A Journey with a spiritual focus – so I said earlier on in the Circular! One of the main places of Pilgrimage for people of faith is Jerusalem. Jew Muslim and Christian all feel a ‘call’ to make a trip to the Holy City and experience its unique atmosphere and its deep religious history and meaning.

Having made four previous visits, one as a tour leader, I am arranging for an 11 day Pilgrimage to Jerusalem and the Holy land for next year 2012. The tour will take in: Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho and the Dead Sea, the Jordan Valley, Galilee, the Golan Heights, Mount Hermon, Nazareth as well as the Mediterranean coast. That is not an exhaustive list, but gives a hint of the areas covered.

I hope to take a group of people from within the Circular Area, so if you are free 8th to 18th October 2012 and would love to visit the Holy Land then give me a call or e mail for a brochure. Many thanks

Ivan  01904 468844   




How well do we understand the quota system?...................

For most of us probably not very well!

You may well find this enlightening:



  • Proportional share of something somebody should give or receive.
  • Maximum permitted number or amount that is permitted or needed.


Take your pick; it is the first one that hits all of us concerned in the front line with keeping churches open in our Benefice. How much is it, why does each church have to find a substantial monthly sum, who gets it and how is it disbursed? Enough questions to warrant an article that could fill the Circular several times over with the clinical answers; even then, there would be questions that would occur to all who thought about the topic. This article attempts to briefly summarise, rather then present a definitive critique, and this is my simplification of a sophisticated system that keeps church doors open and Ordained Ministers in the front line.


         Q To where do the monthly payments go?

         A The Finance Officer, Diocesan House, York


Q What  happens at Diocesan House?

A  Organisation of all aspects of the Diocese of York down as far as Deanery Synod and PCCs. The upward information flow channel is that PCCs respond to the Deanery Synod and the Deanery Synod responds to the Diocese in matters Spiritual, Secular and Financial.


Q What happens to our payments, why are they needed?

         A For everything that keeps the show on the road; from paper clips to window cleaning in the Minster, with all stipends, pensions, salaries, vicarage costs and other costs in-between.


Q What happens to a church that does not meet its Quota?

A For it to remain open, the short-fall has to be made up by other churches in the Diocese. If there are other ideas how this could be arranged, they need to be made known via the conventional reporting route: PCC g Deanery Synod g Diocese. And the Diocese reports to General Synod, in case you want to know.


         Q How is the Quota figure arrived at and how is it divided?

         A Simply by adding the various costs involved and passing to the various Deaneries. The one to which we belong is Southern Ryedale and officers of this body divide amongst the various Benefices. Hang in - nearly there.  It is then divided by the Benefice so that each PCC receives its share.


         Q Which is decided how?

A The question is simpler than the answer but fairness is the overriding principle and includes factors such as Attendance figures and number of Priests. Without implying fault or blame on volunteers, the reasons behind the huge increase of 22.3% for our Benefice compared to the Deanery average of 3.14% included late filing of accounts, exaggerated attendance figures and accounting allocation of recurring/non-recurring income. The lot of an Hon-Treas in a PCC is not a happy one. Not one that can be done without observing and applying knowledge of precisely how correct and timely returns must be made to Diocesan House. Simple enough, once you know how, but with severe penalties if this is not the case. (22.3% vs. 3.14% for example). Although not strictly fitting into this article, let me say that the 22.3% increase called for has been unilaterally rejected, current monthly payments being as those of the previous year +3%. The Benefice Council, in representations to the Diocese, has called for more help and instruction in financial reporting from PCCs. An Idiots’ Guide’ perhaps?  (Suggested by one steamed-up Hon-Treas).


Q Why do we need to make these substantial payments to keep our churches open and a Priest in residence?

A Because all the people concerned with the top end of organising our   finances, mostly qualified accountants, haven’t come up with anything better. The Deanery Board of Finance would love to see a blueprint of better ways of cutting the cake, (and paying for the ingredients) why not help them by forwarding your suggestions? PCC g Benefice Council g Deanery Synod g Deanery Board of Finance g Diocese is the initial route. Be fearless and radical in what you submit. Burning at the stake was dropped from Canon Law the minute the price of stakes rose astronomically in the 1800’s when the pound bottomed out due to international bankers backing the wrong side at Waterloo. The bankers were getting it wrong as far back as that!










Service of celebration

On Sunday 3rd July, we were very pleased to be able to join Ivan, Valerie and their family in a service of celebration and thanksgiving at St Mary’s Sand Hutton for Ivan’s 25 years as a priest. This is a great achievement and a cause of much joy, which was reflected in the service and in the buffet lunch that followed at Sand Hutton Village Hall.

The weekend also happened to coincide with the second anniversary of Ivan’s arrival in our benefices, a time that we have very much valued. We wish Ivan many more years in the priesthood and we look forward to working with him into the future.

Thanks are due to all those who contributed to the day, both in the church and in the preparation of lunch.


w w w w w w w




A pictorial presentation by


  Lt Col. Jan Pilgrim RRC. QARANC

Chief instructor,  

Army Medical Services Training Centre, Strensall


Saturday 24th September at 7.30 p.m.

Sand Hutton and Claxton Village hall

                               Refreshments available

                                  Donations in aid of


British Limbless and Ex Servicemen’s Associations

& St Mary’s Church Tower


Tickets available from

Ellen:01904 468404 Rachel: 01904 468809 Jan: 07899 962 510





St Michael’s Church, Crambe










Saturday September 3rd

11.00 a.m.—1.30 p.m.

In the garden of

                               Kyreham House, Crambe


time to clear those cupboards and drawers,

your rummage is someone else's treasure!


Contact a member of your local PCC for further details


Proceeds from the sale will benefit the following churches


St Michael’s, Crambew St John’s Whitwell on the Hill

All Saints, Foston w  St John’s, Howsham w St Lawrence’s, Flaxton

St Mary’s, Gate Helmsley w  St John’s, Buttercrambe w St Peter’s, Upper Helmsley 

St Botolph’s, Bossall




Forthcoming events

Saturday 3 September            Annual Village Show


Friday 14 October                   Harvest Supper: first of our new                

                                               “Seasonal Suppers”


Saturday 5 November             Gifts for Christmas


        Thursday 15 December           “A Yorkshire Christmas Carol”: another Badapple production following their recent hit

                                                “Landgirls of Yorkshire”


Caroline Hall

Events Co-ordinator

Sand Hutton and Claxton Village Hall






Remember remember the  5th of November!!!

It’s the day of


Sand Hutton Village Hall  (10am to 3pm)

Quality stalls at affordable prices

for all your Christmas giving.


For list of stallholders & details

01904 468481 /





No meeting in August.

all meetings will be held in the village hall at 7.30 p.m.


Thursday 1st September 


‘Pruning of Shrubs’,


Barbara Hickman

an illustrated talk about a very useful subject

with reference to propagation.


Thursday 6th October


‘The Magic of Autumn colour’


an illustrated talk given by Dr Bruce Rigby.


Thursday 3rd November


Members Social Evening.

End of year "Show and Tell".


Have you an interesting or amusing garden story or garden experience or a poem with gardening connections? This is your evening, send in your application with a brief description of content (5 min spot) before 14th October.

We will provide the rest - lights, camera and refreshments.


Photographic Slot

Share your digital photographs taken through the year, this evening will allow members to show photographs of their garden or visited gardens along with any other photos they may have taken throughout the year which they would like to share with fellow members.


Don’t forget………. we want amusing, artistic and yes...

any photos that will make it a fun evening.


This is our last meeting of the year and its a social get-together

where cake, cheese and light refreshments will be served.


Don’t forget to supply your images in digital format, camera memory card, USB stick, CD or e-mail (1024 x 768). You can give these in throughout the year. Contact Bill Heath for any help.



Women in Harmony

new members welcome!


We are a small choir who enjoy singing together and developing skills and confidence in singing.  We sing songs from many traditions and countries, mixed with    singing exercises to help learning.

If any men would like to join us, they would be very welcome

(Men Aloud?)

We meet on one Thursday of each month in

the Village Hall in Sand Hutton, at 7 pm;

next meetings:

8 September and 13 October.

For further information contact,

Caroline Hall 01904 468376 or email



‘Coffee, Chat & Copy’


Saturday 10th September

from 10am to 12 noon.

Claxton and Sand Hutton Village Hall

No entry fee.


We are attempting to log all the houses in the villages so please bring a photograph of your house and we will scan it while you have a complimentary cup of coffee.

We are also trying to record any historical photographs or document of the two villages, again we will take a copy while you are having your refreshments.

If you have a digital copy then this would be better, either would be most welcome.

‘Down Memory Lane’

Friday 7th October 7.30 to 9.30pm at the village hall

Refreshments will be served, admission £3.

Repeated by popular request, Michael Dryland, Jenny Whitely and friends will talk about their past experiences of living in the Claxton & Sand Hutton

villages. Please bring along any questions and memories you may

have about the past in the villages.


Dominic Goodwin presents

Radio Fun

With Dominic & Rosemary Goodwin and chums


Fun and frolics from the history of the

BBC Light Entertainment Department, 1938 – 1968




Join Dominic, Rosemary and friends and relive some

wonderful memories from the golden age of radio:

ITMA, The Goons, Hancock’s Half Hour,

Educating Archie, Take it from here, Round the Horne

and much much more!


Hysterical stuff, this show is so funny, it should

come with a government health warning

The Galtres Entertainment Centre Easingwold

The Barn, The Old Forge,

Sand Hutton, York YO41 1LB


Friday 19 August, 7pm

Tickets: £7

Available from: Margaret Silver – 01904 468317

In aid of St Mary’s Church, Sand Hutton - Tower Fund



Come celebrate the

              50th anniversary of




               VILLAGE HALL


Saturday August 20th 2011




meat and desserts will be provided but

please bring your own drinks and glasses




 Tickets adults £8 children £4

                      Tickets on sale from July



             Jane: 07713 095 464 or Espie: 01653 619358






18 August

Fun with Photography

                                        with Michael Burroughs                                                          Competition                Garden Flower


    15 September

       Preservation of York Theatre Royal.

     An illustrated talk with costumes.

       Competition                Theatre Programme


20 October

    Those Hands that do Dishes.

       An evening of nail and hair care with Sarah Johnson

                                            Competition       Iced Bun


The meetings are held at Sand Hutton Village Hall at 7.30 p.m.

Forthcoming events



Saturday September 3rd

Sand Hutton village hall


This year’s theme is



This is an ever popular village event, so look out for classes with a ‘bread flavour’ in the schedule for which there will be special prizes


Bread taste trial

Supermarket bread against artisan bread!


The show committee welcomes and encourages people from local villages to enter their garden produce, arts and crafts and baking.


Its all good fun, many prize winning entries will be auctioned at the end!



Still time to enter ‘tallest sunflower’ competition



Don’t forget to bring your entry forms on Thursday September 1st

from 6.30 p.m. to Sand Hutton village hall

All enquiries and schedules from Fiona Davies tel:01904 468 001







                         Saturday 29th October

                                    7.45 p.m. – 11.30 p.m.


                                     LIVE MUSIC


                                     Northern Rock


             tickets: adults £10 children (5yrs – 14yrs inclusive) £5

Please contact Debbie tel: 01759 372558, Lorraine tel: 01759 373052

 Christine tel: 01759 371304




Around the Parishes……………………………



News views and information from:





"Nothing too much to report this quarter from Bossall but we were all saddened by the death of the last parishioner of a well known local family - the Lockwoods. Pete Lockwood was living in Flaxton after his retirement but remained a loyal attender at Bossall as had his family for many years. The parish is very grateful for all that the Lockwood family did by way of support of the Church and it was in that spirit that the funeral collection was for the Church.

 By the time this edition appears we shall also have had the burial service of the mother of Mrs. Stuart Roberts who died very suddenly in Gibraltar but who - with the family - established a liking for the Bossall Church and its grounds and had reserved a burial plot. The Roberts family are great supporters of the parish and we offer our sympathy for this recent loss.

 The new boiler and shed was mentioned in the last circular and the cost of the shed  and its first oil intake has been met by two of our parishioners - generosity is not dead!!

 The expected repairs to the stonework mentioned in the last circular have been delayed as is so often the case with all the requirements needed where church work is executed but we have been told that late September should see the beginning and - hopefully - the end.

 Lastly we have been fortunate to receive once again assistance via the Ryedale D.C. for help with our annual cutting of the church grass in the burial ground which cannot take place until approx. Aug./Sept. so as not to harm the wild flowers which are such a part of the environment."




The nave roof and stonework repairs have finally been completed, the scaffolding removed from the outside of the church and the merry men of Lanstone Conservation have departed, bringing to a satisfactory conclusion some five years of fundraising. Whilst major contributions have come from English heritage, The National Churches Trust, Yorkshire Historic Churches Trust and the Fox Memorial Trust, it must not be forgotten that some £20,000 was raised by our small community, a truly magnificent and worthwhile effort. We have a short interregnum until mid August when further work starts on the chancel though this, as a result of some clever detective work by Dorothy Martin, will be funded entirely by the Church Commissioners. Hopefully by early October all will be complete, in good time for the rededication of the church by Archbishop Sentamu on 9th December.

Whilst work has been in progress the church has been in a varying state of disarray and some services have featured rapid removal and repositioning of plastic sheeting (and Peter Stott’s keyboard Thank you Peter), and others have been held in Dorothy’s sitting room, one alfresco service was held in Mike and Fiona’s garden. We hope to be operating on a more conventional basis by October!

On the fundraising front £735 has been raised by the ‘Sponsor a Day’ appeal, and we have further events planned for the autumn starting with the Grand Rummage Sale to be held in Bobby Cook’s garden on September 3rd (see separate advertisement) ‘A Night at the Races’ will be held at Barton Le Willows village hall on November 19th (proceeds to both the church and the village hall) and a Christmas coffee morning and sale at Crambe House on November 24th

For this year only it has been decided that we will not hold our usual carol service. This is due to the closeness of the Archbishop’s visit and the Midnight Service on Christmas Eve. This will be candlelit and will be taken by Revd. Rachel Benson.

On a sad note, some will remember the indomitable Elsie Simpson who, until becoming confined to bed some two years ago, was to be seen roaming around Crambe on her motor scooter ’Bertie’ on her many visits to Crambe House. She was a keen and generous supporter of and worshipper at the church. A cremation service for the immediate family was taken by Rachel Benson. Elsie’s ashes will be interred in the churchyard at a later date.

Just over £1000 was raised for Barton Le Willows village hall renovation fund from the Draw. The July prize winner will be announced before the end of the month. Many thanks to all who have made this such a successful fundraising event.

Finally, thank you to the Ministry Team – Ivan, Sister Rachel and Tony – for all you do for us.




Each year we are  fortunate to visit the lovely garden of Flaxton House for the church fete, with the generous hospitality of Catherine Bourne and her family. On July 2nd  perfect weather encouraged a good number along to this event and we all had a delightful afternoon, with the usual mix of stalls, refreshments, games and competitions. We even ran out of icecream! Thank you to all who helped and supported us; a wonderful sum more than a thousand pounds was raised.
The bunting, coconut stands etc. stay for a little longer each year, as Catherine invites the residents, staff and friends of the Croft homes in Malton for an evening party including a garden quiz, supper and dancing. This occasion is looked forward to and greatly enjoyed by all who come. Sadly, showers were very much part of the weather for this year and there was rather a lot of running in and out of doors. However, this meant that the food tables were revisited and there were no left overs!

May I add a message without my churchwarden's hat?
Behind my house in Thornton le Clay we are putting some finishing touches to a two bedroom holiday cottage. It is not quite ready for commercial lettings as I write this note, but please do phone (01653 618886) if you need overflow accommodation for visitors over the Summer holidays or know of someone who needs a few days away (for a modest charge). Wendy Holman




Hello from Foston Church,

Recently some members of our P.C.C had the task of checking the stability of all the memorials in the churchyard, this resulted in some memorials having to be laid face down due to them been unstable, and  posing the risk of potential injury. This task was commissioned by our parish priest who has authority from the Chancellor of the Diocese. Sadly there has been a very mixed response from members of the parish with regard to this task. Our aim as a PCC is to maintain our churchyard as a very valuable heritage, which includes ensuring it is a safe place for people to visit, and as active members of the P.C.C we work hard in maintaining our commitment to this.

Our coffee mornings continue to grow and are enjoyed by all who attend, we even had passing tourist who could not believe such delicious cakes and coffee were so cheap !




Village Hall – fundraising events Thank you to everyone who supported our scarecrow Day in June and the Village Hall BBQ in July. Special thanks to Maureen and Tony Parker who hosted the latter event, and to all those who helped on the day.

St Mary’s Church, Gate Helmsley

“Pipe Up” Organ Fund

Our Flower Festival “In Praise of Music” held in the church on the Spring Bank Holiday weekend was a resounding success, raising just short of £2,700 for restoring the organ.

Thank you to the numerous people who contributed to a very enjoyable weekend – members of the church congregation, flower arrangers from the Viking Flower Club, Stamford Bridge, a wide range of sponsors, stall holders, and all those who came to see the flowers and to have refreshments and a chat in the Village Hall.

Further fundraising events will be held in the autumn and spring:

  • Soup and cheese lunch at the Manor House, courtesy of

         Dick Garnons-Williams, Wednesday 2nd November 2011 at 12.30 pm

  • Coffee morning at Fox Farm, courtesy of Anne and Andrew Podmore, Wednesday 7th March 2012 10.00 am to 12.00 midday

Services and General Fundraising

Our Harvest Festival Service will be held in church at 6.30 pm on Thursday 6th October, followed by the Harvest Supper in the Village Hall courtesy of Christine and Keith Potts.

Forthcoming fundraising events are:

  • Christmas Fayre at Orchard House, courtesy of Delyth and Michael Harran, Saturday 3rd December 2.00 to 4.00 pm
  • Parish lunch at Orchard House, Sunday 22nd January, 12.30 pm. Early booking is recommended






We have finally obtained the grant due for our alterations, and completed the re-ordering and new carpets. Do drop in and have a look. It has created a good area for small social events and meetings and catering for Harvest etc.

Our annual clean up of the Church and Churchyard will be from 2pm on Monday 29th August, followed by the barbeque at 7pm.

Harvest Festival 6.30pm on Sunday 9th October, followed by Auction of Produce, supper and wine in Church





SPONSORED CYCLE RIDE. We would like to thank Bryan & Dot Mills for their organising of this most successful event and to all who took part, cyclists, sponsors, spectators and support teams, well done.


Sand Hutton Church sponsored cycle ride May 30th 2011

We planned a bike ride for the church,

The route was ten miles long.

With arrows marking all the roads,

The bikers can’t go wrong!


A gentle pedal down the lanes

In pleasant springtime air

Will do them all a power of good

Let’s hope the weather’s fair.


The rain had stayed away for weeks

No clouds were in the sky

The crops were wilting in the fields,

The gardens were all dry.


What lovely weather for the ride,

They can’t believe their luck,

But come the day the bikes came out

They should have been a duck!


Why did it have to rain today?

No wonder so few came

The ones who ventured got wt through,

It really was a shame!


Our grateful thanks to those who rode,

Their efforts weren’t in vain.

A goodly sum was raised for church

Who cared about the rain?

                                                                                             Dot Mills



CHURCH DRIVEWAY. Visitors may well have noticed the considerable improvements made to the driveway and parking areas adjacent to the church main entrance. These are the culmination of a significant voluntary working party team effort organised by John Morris. The transformation is a testimony to the commitment and dedication to all who took part and we are truly grateful to all the hard work put in over many days, quite often during the evenings. Also to acknowledge the additional facilitation and provision of plant undertaken by Peter Stott in support of the main team effort. At present we are exploring the implications to provide an additional section of estate railings of compatible style to close the gap between the existing main driveway and north boundary sections.


STRAWBERRY TEAS- HOLDERNESS HOUSE. Thank you to all those who helped in any way, setting up, fetching, contributing, carrying, welcoming, serving, washing up etc. to make the afternoon a success. Despite the rain we had a good response and can report an am mount in excess of £500 in contributions which will be added to our tower repair fund. We sincerely  thank  Richard and Rhonda Morrit for their contribution of strawberries for this event and the loan of marquees / gazebo's by Nigel and Fiona Davies, and Mike and Fiona Le Masurier without which the outdoor attractions would not have been practical  permitting a considerable period of operation of the heritage model railway. 

THE SPRING FASHION SHOW by Meadow of Whitby which was held at Sandburn Hall on April 6th raised the sum of £2958.82.This has been divided between St. Mary's Church Sand Hutton and the Macmillan Cancer Support (YorkBranch).
LOST TROPHY Do you have, or  know, who may still have, the trophy which was presented at the Alice Dixon Memorial sports day at Mr and Mrs Fenwicks
On June 9th 2011 Any information to  Freda Goodrick on 01904 468538, would be appreciated.



Palm Sunday on 17th April was a lovely warm day and a few people started to congregate outside Peter and Pauline’s barn at Home Farm in the village to meet up with Ivan and ‘Mr Mickey’.  Someone had had the brilliant idea to ask Anne Thompson of Forrest Farm to bring along Mr Mickey, a lovely old friendly donkey to lead everybody in procession from there, up through the village to St Peter’s church for the Palm Sunday service.

Ivan brought palms to carry, together with pieces of local greenery to represent our palms which everybody carried behind   Ivan and Mr Mickey. It turned into a wonderful community event, involving some children and neighbours from the parish.  They stood outside in the churchyard for a while, the children getting onto Mr Mickey’s back and feeding him carrots and everybody chatted and enjoyed the warm morning sunshine.

In the church, greenery had been strewn on the aisle up to the altar, to represent what would have greeted Jesus on his donkey as he entered Jerusalem. (Matthew Ch22 vs 2-8)

It was a lovely service and a great reminder of how important it is for everybody to take these opportunities to connect with each other not just spiritually, but socially and personally.

The wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton on Friday 29th April was an auspicious start to the summer.  It was celebrated in Upper Helmsley by the village with a ‘street’ party in the garden and home of Mari and Phil Richards.  Everybody is grateful for their hospitality.

Sunday 29th May was the first anniversary of Sally Ann Cockerill’s wedding to Nathan Newall in Upper Helmsley.  The happy couple are now settled in the groom’s farm in Napier, New Zealand. We offer our very best wishes to Phil and Mari Richards who will also be celebrating their first wedding anniversary on August 14th



News from our schools…………………………….



Once again we have been reminded of the dreadful effects of extreme weather across the world.  Ethiopia, Somalia and parts of Kenya are suffering from drought affecting children and the most vulnerable. Sand Hutton has been thinking about the children of Michael James School Chaurembo, a rural school in Kenya.  The photograph below shows the children reading letters sent from Class 1 at Sand Hutton as an initial contact which we hope will become a lasting friendship across the continents through which we can learn from each other.

It has been such a happy, busy term as summer should be in a village primary school. As usual the children have been out and about enjoying many enriching experiences.  These have included a production by Years 4, 5 and 6 of The Curlicue Conundrum; this has been staged at the Theatre Royal in York – an amazing experience.  Not to be outdone Year 2 and Year 3 have taken part in the opening concert of the Ryedale Festival at Hovingham Hall as part of the children’s choir.  There have also been visits to Flamborough Head, WWII day at Elvington Air Museum, The National Coal Mining Museum and the National Railway Museum, certainly times to remember.  Year 6 pupils also took part in the 200th Celebration of Church Schools which was held in York Minster


We certainly will never forget our current Year 6 children who leave this time for secondary school.  They have been a fantastic group of young people and we are proud of every one of them.  Good luck, love and best wishes to Sam, Venetia and Lucy who go on to Malton School, to Jack, Lucy, Charlie, Alice, Lily, Henry and Dan who go to Huntington and to Georgia who moves on to Woldgate in Pocklington.










Sunday  July  31st                           9.00am                Mr. William  Swires.

Sunday  August  7th                        9.00am                Rev. Graham  Peaden.

Sunday  August  14th                    10-30am               Holy  Communion

                                                                                      Rev. G Walton Pratt.

Sunday  August  21st                      9.00am                Mrs. Liz Johnstone.

Sunday August 28th                        10.30am              Mr. Brian Taylor.

Sunday September 4th                    9.00am                Holy Communion

                                                                                      Rev. Graham Peaden.

Sunday September 11th                  10.30am              Rev Ann Haith.

Sunday September 18th                  9.00am                Mr. William Swires.

Sunday September 25th                  10.30am              Mr. Robin Jackson.

Sunday October 2nd                        10.30am              Harvest Festival

                                                                             Preacher Rev. David Godfrey.


Harvest Festival celebrations continue on Monday 3rd at 7.15pm.  When the speaker will be  Mrs Sylvia Bunting, following the services there will be a supper and sale for charity.


All welcome to any of the above services


Services at Thornton-Le-Clay Methodist Church are usually held at 9.00am on the first and third Sunday and at 10.30am. on the second, fourth and fifth Sunday each month.


Minister – Rev. Graham Peaden.                   Lay Worker Mr. William Swires

Tel:  01904 491950                                         Tel:  01904 794626



You might not feel able or want to pray, but if you would like prayers said for you or a situation worrying you or someone you are concerned about or you just want to give thanks for something, you can leave a note or card in the “Prayer Box” situated on the side of the Thornton-le-Clay Parish Notice Board.

The box will be emptied weekly and prayers said.






























                        Photovoltaic solar panels

                                                Log burners

             Chimney lining and restoration

                                                Heat pumps

                                                                           Biomass boilers


For a personal service on all energy concerns


Call: 01904 234073

Mobile: 07950041665







Our Churchyards


Over the last three months the subject of safety in our churchyards has come to the fore. Churchyards like church buildings are subject to the vagaries of the weather. There have been two bad winters and two periods of semi drought in the last few years which have affected the condition of the ground, and thus of the stability of the headstones. It is a constant worry to churchwardens whose duty it is to check at regular intervals, that none of the headstones have become unsafe. There has been one accident in our benefice in which a churchwarden, carrying out this task, became the victim of an unsafe head stone, resulting in a serious foot injury, but what if that had been a child? The ultimate tragedy of an innocent child being killed playing in the churchyard after a service, is too awful to contemplate.

We need to support our churchwardens whose responsibility it is to make our churchyards safe and special places to visit, perhaps ensuring that known family headstones are kept in a good state of repair, or by accepting  that headstones may, in some circumstances, have to be laid flat, face down, as directed by the Diocese. Parents and those supervising young children need to be especially vigilant when visiting the graves of loved ones or after services, to prevent children from unwittingly putting themselves in danger. As adults we must take responsibility for our own safety and take care not to lean on old headstones. Where there is a concern over a headstone, contact one of the churchwardens as soon as possible so that action can be taken to make it safe.


Situations can change very quickly depending on the weather.

What was safe yesterday may not be safe today!


Woodland Friends                               


The Friends met in Howsham wood; a quiet, undisturbed place. They were discussing how their ends might come, unusually morbid. ‘Our Long Legged friends keep falling off the perch’ said Sand Hutton’s Mr Squirrel. ‘I know’ said Mrs Dormouse from Crambe, ‘And my favourite lady from outside the village is no longer with us, and she used to put out such lovely teas for me when she shook her table cloth.

            ‘Where’s she buried?’ asked Howsham’s Mr Squirrel. ‘Not buried, she’s cremated, whatever that might be’ came the reply from Mrs Dormouse. ‘70% of those who are shot, sorry, they’re not like us, I meant passed on, are simply burned‘ said Mr French Partridge. ‘Where do they do that?’ asked Mrs Dormouse. ‘Very privately in a big building and there’s almost nothing left’ and she was told it costs about £700.

            The conversation then veered round to how their Long Legged friends watch something called Internet to learn what tomorrow’s weather would be like. The Friends all disclosed that it was through their noses that they could each predict future weather patterns. Further, the Long Leggeds should learn that to get up someone’s nose really means to discuss the weather. Mrs Dormouse returned to one of their topics of last week’s meeting. ‘We had another death in the village, an older gentleman’. ‘Another cremation?’ asked Mr Squirrel ‘Oh no’, replied Mrs Dormouse, ‘it was a church service followed by burial. It’s far cheaper, I heard the relatives say, only about £250.

            A saving that was difficult for the Long Leggeds to ignore and they all thought church services were preferable to cremations. ‘Because it means churches being heated mid-week when they would otherwise be cold’ added Mrs Dormouse. Having the last word as is her wont.                             Anon







































   Items for ‘The Circular’


       Copy deadline for the next edition October 19th

  This will cover November     December     January 2012

Unfortunately it may not be possible to include

anything received after the deadline.





After some discussion it was felt there was a need to simplify the route by which items are submitted to the Circular.


In future everyone should send items, preferably as word documents

for text, jpgs for photographs, directly via email to the editor, NOT via the old system of ‘Circular’ Parish co-ordinators

this includes enquiries about, and submission of advertisements


It is appreciated that not everyone has home access to a computer;

 this is the time to ‘phone a  friend’ who has

and ask them to send your item for you!





      Contact numbers for

         Sand Hutton and Whitwell Group of Parishes


               Parish Priest:  Rev Ivan Howitt                       01904 468844

              Parish Sister:  Sister Margaret Ann CSPH      01904 468253

              Reader: Mr Tony Hewitt                                  01904 632684

              Lay Pastor: Mrs Rachel Baker                         01904 468809




       Fiona Le Masurier

       Crambe House, Crambe, York YO60 7JR

        Tel: 01653 619368      email:

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