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Spring edition 2011


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Services for the Sand Hutton and Whitwell Benefices

February 2011

Sunday 6th February                                                                     5th Before Lent

10.30                   Benefice Eucharist                          Crambe

Wed 9th Feb   10am              Holy Communion                          Upper Helmsley

Sunday 13th February                                                                   4th Before Lent

                    9.00                     Holy Communion                           Bossall

10.30                   Morning Prayer                               Gate Helmsley

10.30                   Family Service                                Flaxton

Wed 16th Feb 10am             Holy Communion                           Sand Hutton


Sunday 20th February                                                                   3rd Before Lent

10.30                   Benefice Eucharist                          Foston      

Wed 23rd Feb 10am             Holy Communion                           Crambe

Sunday 27th February                                                                   2nd Before Lent

                   9.00                      Holy Communion                           Upper Helsmley       10.30                             Holy Communion                           Sand Hutton     

       10.30                      Holy Communion                           Whitwell

                   6.30                     Evening Worship                            Flaxton



March 2011

Wed 2nd March    10am       Holy Communion                           Buttercrambe


Sunday 6th March                                                                Sunday before Lent

        10.30                     Benefice Eucharist                          Howsham

Ash Wed 9th March             7.0 p.m. Holy Communion   `        Sand Hutton


Sunday 13th March                                                                                 Lent 1

                    9.00                     Holy Communion                           Bossall

        10.30                     Holy Communion                           Gate Helmsley

        10.30                     Holy Communion                           Crambe

                  10.30                     Family Service                                Flaxton

                    6.30                     Lent Meditation                              Sand Hutton

Wed 16th March                 10a.m. Holy Communion                Foston



Sunday 20th March                                                                                 Lent 2

   10.30                     Benefice Eucharist                           Buttercrambe

               6.30                     Lent Meditation                               Foston

Wed 23rd March             10a.m Holy Communion                 Gate Helmsley


Sunday 27th March                                Clocks go forward                Lent 3

              9.00                       Holy Communion                            Upper Helmsley   

  10.30                      Holy Communion                            Sand Hutton         

  10.30                      Holy Communion                            Whitwell

  10.30                      Morning Prayer                                Foston

              6.30                      Lent Meditation                                Sand Hutton

Wed 30th March             10a.m. Holy Communion      Bossall



April 2011

Sunday 3rd April                                                         Lent 4/ Mothering Sun

 10.30                      Family Benefice Eucharist               Flaxton        

             6.30                       Lent Meditation                                Foston

Wed 6th April                10a.m. Holy Communion                   Upper Helmsley


Sunday 10th April                                                                                   Lent 5

            9.00                      Holy Communion                              Howsham

10.30                      Holy Communion                              Gate Helmsley

10.30                      Holy Communion                              Foston

           6.30             Lent Meditation                                 Sand Hutton

Wed 13th April             10a.m. Holy Communion                    Crambe


Sunday 17th April                                                                          Palm Sunday

         10.30             Family Benefice Eucharist                 Upper Helmsley

Mon 18th April                7.0.p.m. Compline                              Flaxton

Tue 19th April                7.0.p.m. Compline                               Flaxton

Wed 20th April              7.0.p.m. Compline                               Flaxton

Wed 20th April               10a.m. Holy Communion                   Buttercrambe

Maundy Thurs 21st April     7.0 p.m. Holy Communion    Bossall

Good Friday 22nd April        10.30 Family Service                 Foston

            2.00 Last Hour                         Sand Hutton


Sunday 24th April                                                                          Easter Day

            9.00                       Holy Communion                              Whitwell

10.30                       Holy Communion                              Crambe

10.30                       Holy Communion                              Flaxton

Wed 27th April                  10am Holy Communion          Sand Hutton

Sunday 1st May                                                                         Easter 2

    10.30                       United Benefice Eucharist               Gate Helmsley

Wed 3rd May                      10am Holy Communion                   Whitwell

Greetings from the Vicarage,

Most people have been to a Church service at some stage in their lives, whether they are believers or not! Whether it be a Wedding, Funeral, Baptism, Christmas Easter or normal Sunday services, folk will have been!


The purpose of the Church Building is that people of the community can gather in the dry and warm(!!!) to worship. Worship is described in the pocket Oxford Dictionary as ‘Acts, Rites or Ceremonies of homage or service paid to God. In short, how people can engage with God. This happens through praise, adoration and thanksgiving as we humans respond to our existence and the world around us. Worship is the ‘Living Heart’ of religion (J.G.Davies). To worship pumps the blood of faith around the believers’ veins fully oxygenated by the presence of God.


There are a variety of services to match differing occasions – including those to mark birth, marriage and death!


I have always been keen to explore the varieties of services that exist to enliven faith. The stable diet of familiar services – Morning Prayer, Holy Communion – will continue week by week. However, there will be occasions when there will be ‘something different’. We should not be afraid of this, or shy away from it! Variety is the spice of faith!

In future service plans there will be services from differing traditions, including Celtic and Taize – to name 2!


The Celtic Christian tradition is very creation based and has distinctive features within its worship. Taize is a place in France where a Christian community have developed a particular style of worship very different to the normal church worship, with song repetition, candles, quiet prayer. The services will be a bit of a taster to see how other traditions engage with God through their worship


As we prepare for Easter the services are enriched through the variety of content, so keep an eye out for these! In my previous parishes we had a ‘Dawn’ service on Easter day – something to look forward to in future years, perhaps?


Very best wishes to you all.                    Ivan Howitt – Sand Hutton Vicarage


Many grateful thanks for all the efforts made by many folk to put together boxes for Seafarers over Christmas. We handed over 60 boxes to the Mission Chaplain at Goole for distribution at Goole and Hull. It was a wonderful effort, the Chaplain was most grateful and asked for his thanks to be passed on. Many thanks to Rachel Baker for co-ordinating the collecting.



On Monday of each week there is a short service of

Morning Prayer at 8.30am.

The venue alternates between Bossall and Sand Hutton. It is a good way to

start the week, and is open to anyone who would like to come along for a

quiet service.

Bossall: 7th Feb then every other week

Sand Hutton: 14th Feb then every other week



The season begins on 9th March, ASH WEDNESDAY. There will be one service in the Benefice that day:  7.00pm at Sand Hutton. The service will be a Holy Communion and will include the ‘Imposition of Ashes’. This is when the ashes of last years palm crosses are used to mark the forehead of worshippers to remind them of their mortality and reliance upon God. Do make an effort to get along if you can and mark the beginning of Lent.



Within the 10 churches of the Benefices there will be a Lenten Meditation. This takes place on a Sunday evening during Lent at 6.30pm. The venue alternates between Foston one week and Sand Hutton the next. (details in the services information)During Holy Week on the Monday 18th April, Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th  there will be a short service of Compline (also known as ‘Night Prayer’). This will be at 7.00pm in St Lawrence Flaxton.




You are warmly invited to the Lent lunches

between 12.30 p.m. and 2.0 p.m

at the various homes listed below:

besides enjoying a simple but delicious lunch together, the time set apart

enables us to focus and prepare for the events of Holy Week and Easter.


The Charitable giving at each lunch will be going to

St Leonard’s Hospice.


Thank you to all our hosts:


Wed 16th March   Wendy Holman, Woodhouse, Thornton Le Clay

Wed 23rd March  Dick Garnons-Williams, Manor House, Gate Helmsley

Tues 29th March  Rachel and Graham Baker, Holderness House, Claxton

Thurs 7th March  Mike and Fiona Le Masurier, Crambe House, Crambe

                                LENT 5 venue and date to be arranged       




If anyone is interested in being prepared for Confirmation

Please contact Ivan

Tel: 01904 468 844

email: ivan.howitt@btinternet.com




The Benefice study Group has met a few times now

future dates are planned

all meetings are at


The Vicarage, Sand Hutton

At 7.30 p.m.

Tues 8th February          Tues 8th March               Tues 12th April


If you want to know more, give Ivan a call 01904 468 844








all churches must hold their annual meetings


before 30th April!


This is when Churchwardens are elected,

accounts approved

plans made for the coming year


They are important meetings for all interested

and involved in our church life and existence


Keep an eye open for the annual meeting of your church

and make every effort to attend


You can make a difference!!






 St John’s Church Whitwell possess a very old set of 8 Handbells dating back to the 1840’s! As the Parish Priest I have taken these bells into our schools to introduce the pupils to this ancient art. Christmas Carols on handbells is terrific!



There are two main problems!


  1. The age of the bells means that they are in desperate need

                   of refurbishment

  1. 8 bells are not enough to do even the simplest of tunes!


So I hope to be able to raise sufficient funds to firstly refurbish the Whitwell bells, then to purchase another 8 or 9 bells to give a set of 16/17, the minimum recommended for tune ringing.


If anyone would like to donate or buy a bell I would obviously be delighted to hear from you!

I have received a sizable donation for which I am very grateful, and this enables the project to go ahead. There will be a fundraising event at some stage to help raise money, so keep a look out for that!

In the meantime, the bells are being taken to the Whitechapel bell foundry in London in February in order that a price can be given for refurbishment, and that new bells can be cast to match the old!


Ivan Howitt





Our condolences to the families and friends of




    Mary Elizabeth Clark                 Aged 79                        Flaxton

              John Read                                                                          Bossall

    Ken Pennington                                                                Gate Helmsley

We commend them into God’s gracious keeping



A Fashion  Show



Of  Whitby

put this date in your diary

Wednesday 6th April  2011

and come along to

Sandburn   Hall , Flaxton

for a fantastic evening!!

Raising money for

St. Mary’s Church Sand Hutton

& Macmillan Cancer Support

(more  details coming soon)

tickets  from Rosy Miers 01904 468481



Women’s Institute


The following meetings will be taking place at

Sand Hutton village hall

visitors are most welcome at a charge of £3


17th February                                  York Minster Revealed

Richard Shephard, Director of Development, will speak on the current fundraising appeal for the East front of the minster.



17th March                                      Max Factor

Take a fresh look at your make-up with Jane Brewer from Max Factor


21st April                                        Noel Coward

in words and musicwith David Goodwin




Around the Parishes……………………………



News views and information from:




John Read 

Foremost in our minds was the sudden and much lamented death of John Read and his funeral here in Bossall.  John was a regular attender at Bossall and our other Parish Churches both in a personal capacity and as a member of the Benefice Choir. 

It was a sad way in which to meet many of his family and other friends and we have received letters of appreciation from his family including his son Phil and family following their return home to Canada.  We would hope that the family contact will continue as John was buried here in Bossall and his family will always be welcome. 

Christmas Eve 

How many were going to brave the weather and the roads to attend our midnight mass?  The answer - as always - is not exact but it was over 100 which was a splendid effort considering the conditions.  It was good - once again to welcome so many of our 'the Christmas Eve regulars' with their families.

Three short notes for 2011

1.  The quota shock.  As with all our sister parishes we are concerned with the request for a 20% plus increase in the Diocesan quota which we have declined to accept.  We have agreed to pay the same as last year + 3% and consider the matter over the next few weeks. 

2.  Bossall Church stonework.  Sadly this is showing real deterioration and remedial work has to be undertaken for which we have received a faculty and the work will be carried out in the next few months but with no interruption to the use of the Church.

3.  After many years of service, the boiler, the main source of heating is on its last legs and arrangements are in hand for it and the shed to be replaced.




The ‘mild winter’ promised by the Met Office is in full flow and we have been besieged by snow and ice since November. However they do appear to be able to predict the weather some 24 hours ahead so one must not be churlish. Global warming anyone?! Crambe has been largely kept clear of ice, thanks to the herculean efforts of Lawrence Borthwick and his trusty tractor. Steve Richardson, Derek Batty and Ron Verity have been hard at it with shovels and grit too, many thanks chaps. We seem to have undergone a construction phase in the Autumn. Ben and Vicky Williams garlanded their house in very attractive scaffolding and a team of tilers seem to spend many happy hours moving tiles from one part of the roof to another. Happily all seemed to be in place before the winter set in. Peter and Margaret Clark too, finally managed to move in time for Christmas, we wish them every happiness in their new home.

The church roof and fabric repairs are presently dormant. Tenders for the work came in much higher than predicted, much of the extra cost being attributable to the bat population and its wellbeing, and a hurried, and as yet unanswered, plea for help has gone out to English Heritage. To cap it all the bats are now in hibernation (I wish I was too) and will not awake until the warm weather appears. A brother in law’s Christmas present of a two foot wide toy bat, complete with manic grin was particularly appropriate.

St Michael’s shared Harvest Festival with Whitwell at St John’s church on October 8th. The Lily Festival was held at Crambe on October 31st. It was a beautiful service. The church was adorned with lilies, and candles were lit in memory of loved ones. The Ebor Singers enhanced the service with two lovely anthems.

On November 28th Barton le Willows village hall was throbbing to an excellent ‘Rhythm and Roast’. A marvellous Sunday lunch was provided by various village ladies and some prodigious musical talent was unearthed. Special mention must go to Rebecca Widdicombe and Helen Cheshire who were outstanding. Rebecca demonstrated her versatility on December 18th at our annual Christmas Carol concert, this time accompanied on the organ by John Scott-Whiteley, formerly organist at York Minster. Music was once again provided by York Railway Institute band and readings both sacred and secular were read by the parishioners of Crambe and Barton. Ivan was unable to take this service, having succumbed to a passing lergy, and we are grateful to the Revd. Peter Jaram for stepping in at short notice. Afterwards we all repaired to Kyreham House where mulled wine and mince pies were dispensed by Bobby Cook and her family, for which many thanks.

Our last service for 2010 was held on Boxing Day and Ivan, now recovered, took a shortened service in a freezing church, for a loyal few, huddling together for warmth.

We are now eagerly looking forward to 2011, to warmer weather, happy bats and a helpful reply from English Heritage, Thanks as usual to Ivan, Sister, Rachel and Tony and to all those who have contributed to the life of our two communities over the year, and a very happy and healthy New Year to everyone.



St.Lawrence's Church was full for the service on Remembrance Sunday. Pam Vaughan Hughes spoke the famous words by Laurence Binyon, a trumpeter played the Last Post and Reveille, and silk poppies and evergreen leaves made a poignant and lovely display on the altar. A sum of almost £300 from the collection was donated to the Royal British Legion.

Our church was full again and beautifully decorated for the carol service before Christmas and the weather was jolly cold like last year. We are very fortunate in Flaxton to have a resident composer, Dick Blackford; this year we sang two carols for which he wrote the music, called Winter Snow and In the Desert. The little village choir enjoyed the challenge of learning these! Singing continued on the following two evenings as a carol was sung at each house in Flaxton. We were especially grateful to have hot mulled wine and mince pies more than once to encourage us on our cold progress through the village.



Best New Year wishes to everyone from All Saints, Foston! 

We enjoyed a lovely seven lessons and carols with grateful thanks to Sister Margaret Ann for taking the service at the last minute. The church had been beautifully decorated for Christmas and everyone appreciated the warm mulled wine and mince pies afterwards. Many thanks to everyone who partook in our Stars to be remembered project. The church Christmas tree looked lovely with all the special stars hanging from its branches and in the process we managed to raise £69.00, the money will be split 50/50 between church and Help the Heroes Campaign.

Midnight Mass was well attended despite the very very cold weather, we were very grateful to Ann Archer for playing the organ and to Ivan for taking the service, despite still recovering from a bad cold.

Those of you who came to our coffee morning in November will be pleased to hear we raised £170, thank you to all who supported us; we really do appreciate your help.

Sadly over the Christmas period we suffered a burst pipe in the church vestry. Quite a large amount of water escaped and caused considerable damage. We are currently in the process of drying out and assessing the damage. Many thanks to Nigel Tully, Steve Arden and the Fothergill Family for helping when we were knee deep in water !!.




Thanks to all those who supported the Christmas Fayre, held at Orchard House on 11th December, and helped us raise £535 for church funds. The severe weather prompted us to change the date from 4th December. This enabled a good number of people to come together for a very enjoyable afternoon. Hopefully this year we will be able to revert to the usual date – the first Saturday in December - for this regular fund raising event. 

There will be a PCC AGM at Appletree House on Tuesday 5th April 7.30 pm

During the church service onSunday 10th April there will be a special dedication of the new altar kneelers, which were donated by the Rowntree family in memory of their parents, George and Beryl Rowntree, who served St Mary’s Church so loyally for many years.

We are holding our major summer fund raising event the Strawberry Lunch, on a Sunday in July, date and venue yet to be finalised. Details in the next issue.

Church fabric Internal décor: Visitors to Gate Helmsley Church will notice the improvement to the internal fabric since the church was decorated just before Christmas. St Mary’s PCC are grateful to the Pratt Trust for funding this work and for all the support they have given us over many years.

Organ restoration: St Mary’s PCC have set up a fundraising subcommittee to lead the project to restore the Abbott and Smith organ in the church. 2013 will be the centenary of the dedication of the organ in 1913, and will be the focus of the restoration efforts. Watch this space for various special fund raising events.

Ken Pennington: It was with great sadness that the Parish Council learned of the death of ken Pennington on 27th December 2010. T Parish Council and the village have lost a valued member, good friend and supporter of all that went on in the village. Ken was a councillor for many years, his unfailing sense of fairness, willingness to help and sense of humour were always to the fore. He will be greatly missed by his fellow councillors and the village. Our sincere condolences to Alice and her family.




Despite appalling weather our cake stall at York Livestock Centre was as successful as ever. Thank you to all who supported us.

The Carol Service was very well attended with contributions from several youngsters. We were grateful to Rachel Baker for venturing out to take the service on a bitterly cold night. Most of the congregation joined us for mulled wine and mince pies afterwards. We have a wonderful Church path thanks to volunteers from the Army who regularly help at Howsham Mill. Thank you to Paul & Mel for organising the day; also to Jim & Tom Stephenson, Sally who supplied tea and coffee and all others who helped.

Hopefully the new heating system will be installed by Easter.




St Mary's Sand Hutton  Christmas Eve Crib & Christingle Service.

We would like to thank all who came, helped and contributed to this service. The collection taken up amounted to £132.31 which will be passed on to the Church of England Children's Society.











Saturday26th February

7,30 p.m. to 11.30 p.m.


tickets: adults £10 children 5-12 years £5

family tickets £25 for 2 adults and 2 children

numbers limited


dance to the best band in the area!




pie and pea supper and pudding provided

bring your own drinks and glasses

information and tickets from:

Chris krysbiscomb@btinternet.com  Pauline 01759 371  240

Lorraine01759 373  052                        Debbie 01759 372  558




The Craft Group

Gate Helmsley



is hoping to recommence in a month or so holding a monthly meeting in the village hall

from 7.0 p.m. to 9.0 p.m.


providing there is enough interest!!


wide range of crafts


embroidery          patchwork

jewellery              hand made toiletries

tassel making             beadwork


to name but a few!


for further details

contact: Maureen Parker 01759 371 318







News from our schools…………………………….




Happy New year! We are hopefully now heading for some better weather after the disruption. The autumn term saw some fantastic achievements for Foston. Most notably the opening of our mini post office. We currently sell stamps, greetings cards, envelopes and provide a photocopying and laminating service. The whole venture was thought of, planned and run by the school children in response to a need outlined in the parish plan. We are open 1pm - 1.15 and 3pm - 3.15 each week day, are looking forward to a fun packed next two terms in school. During the holidays the post office services are provided by The White Swan and by Mrs Mayhew from The Bungalow, High Street, Thornton,

Le Clay. Please continue to support this venture as it provides excellent learning for the children and a valuable service to the villages.

We also were pleased that our collaboration with Terrington Primary School was formalised. The children, staff and Governors now work closely together to provide our children with the best opportunities possible. The schools now enter joint teams and are becoming a force to be reckoned with at sporting events. Well done to Megan and Hatty from who achieved second and first respectively in the recent team cross country event and also to the infant multi skills team who came second out of 10 schools. A big thank you also goes to our P.E coach Darren Kelly who works with the children weekly to develop their skills.

The children have enjoyed trips to Flamingoland, Robin Hoods Bay and The Deep which have enhanced topic work over the last term. This term the children will be visiting a castle, the castle museum and enjoying a visit from theatrical actor Chris Cade. We are hoping to undertake a sponsored walk in aid of the RSPCA this half term and will be raising money for comic relief with "Foston's Got Talent." Watch out for dates for these two events. In class the infants will be taking a journey out of this world and learning about fairy tales, castles and space. The juniors will be going on a trip into the past and investigating Tudor and Stuart England.

If you would be interested in coming into school to hear readers or share a talent with children please let us know. Also if you have children who turn four over the next three years who will be joining school please let us know as we are filling up quickly. Don't forget we provide free pre-school provision starting at the beginning of the term in which a child turns four. Give us a ring and drop in for a look round if you are interested and see how happy our children are.



We now have a new website, please go and have a look

www.foston.n-yorks.sch.ukand leave us a message on the blog.


We look forward to working further with our community

over this academic year and into the future.







At Sand Hutton CE School we are very lucky to have lovely grounds to be enjoyed by children and staff.  We are looking forward to using them to the full owing to a National Lottery Award of £8000.00 which will allow us to build an outside classroom, raised growing beds, wildflower meadow and wildlife habitats.  This is such an exciting project and we are grateful to Mrs Lisa Tinwell, one of our parents, who has helped us put together the grant application and used her professional expertise to plan the area.  It is really a case of watch this space!

Further cause for celebration has been the report that followed our ChurchSchoolInspection.

the school was assessed asOutstanding,

  which was a wonderful tribute to the children, staff and governors.We are privileged to receive the support of the villages we serve.


We will be celebrating Easter with our whole school service

  on Tuesday 5th April in St. Mary’s, Gate Helmsley at 2.15pm.







The Methodist Church Thornton –le-Clay



A Fellowship/ Bible study group meets once a fortnight at Wold Cottage, Thornton-le-Clay from 8.0 p.m. to 10.0 p.m. (approx). These are informal, non-denominational meetings including readings, discussions and prayer followed by refreshments.

The next meetings will be on Wednesday 2nd February, and fortnightly thereafter.


Anyone interested is most welcome to join us, just turn up, or ring 01653 618452 or 01904 794626 for more details


Church Services

Sunday 30th January          10.30 a.m.     Mr Robin Jackson

Sunday 6th February             9.00 a.m.    Mr Holy Communion

                                                              Revd Graham Peaden

Sunday 13th February         10.30 a.m.     Mr Keith Rattenbury

Sunday 20th February           9.00 a.m.    Revd David Godfrey

Sunday 27th February         10.30 a.m.     Mrs Ann Quick

Sunday 6th March                 9.00 a.m.    Holy Communion

                                                              Revd Graham Peaden

Sunday 13th March             10.30 a.m.     Revd Brian Powley

Sunday 20th March               9.00 a.m.    Mrs Sylvia Bunting

Sunday 27th March             10.30 a.m.     Mr William Swires


Services at Thornton-le-Clay Methodist Church are held at

9.00 a.m. on the first and third Sunday and at 10.30 a.m. on the second, fourth and fifth Sunday of each month


Mothering Sunday 3rd April 10.30 a.m.

Preacher: Revd Ann Haith

All welcome



A big thank you to all who braved the cold and went Carol Singing round Thornton-le-Clay on Christmas Eve, for the hospitality en route and to all who gave so generously £370.55 plus the retiring collection from Foston Schools Christmas performance £46.45 making a total of £417.00 for the charity Action for Children


Parish Prayer Box


You might not feel able, or want to pray, but if you would like prayers said for you, or a situation worrying you, or someone you are concerned about, or you just want to give thanks for something, you can leave a note or card in the ‘Prayer Box’

This will be situated on the side of Thornton-le-Clay Parish notice board from the beginning of February 2011. The box will be emptied weekly and prayers said.



Every prayer request will be kept confidential

             The wider congregation


The Church Circular is studied carefully by the Woodland Friends, when they decide which of the Benefice services they will attend, and also how each is regarded on their home patch. Squirrel said he favoured Howsham because  of all the tall trees within easy squirreling distance from the door. They also are recorded in the National Register as having status as a ‘No Colour Prejudice’ place of worship. Mr French Partridge, always very formal, said he favoured Sand Hutton because its long drive was always clean and dry. He could always safely walk up it without any muddy splashes to his splendid striped feathers. Mrs Dormouse said she favoured Crambe because she thought the atmosphere was very friendly and welcoming - as manifested by  the absence of mousetraps. Although belonging to a protected species, it would do her little good for this to be successfully argued on her behalf at General Synod - if her neck had been broken 3 years previously. A Synod spokesman later said that this should be seen in a proper context - they had only just got down to discussing such recent events. Squirrel said he suspected that the next PCC agenda might be including details of moves designed to evict him from Howsham and he was organising an appeal to challenge Bossall, Buttercrambe & Howsham PCC’s legal status to initiate such proceedings. Mr French Partridge said he was flattered by being invited to lunch in winter by several Sand Hutton church members but had so far declined since many practical details of the lunch were absent. For instance, why should it be that he was always invited to turn up 3 days prior to the actual lunch date? Mrs Dormouse, practical and diplomatically outspoken as ever, placed on record that her appreciation of the music coming from the newly refurbished organ at Crambe would be endowed with even more pleasure, for her, if central heating was installed. Adding that this applied to almost all other churches in which she had considered making her home.


A unanimous decision approved that the duties of Hon-Sec of The Friends should henceforth be undertaken by Mr Squirrel when Mr French Partridge conceding his dislike for laptops. The difficulty of having his wing tips satisfactorily manicured each month, required for smooth operation of the keyboard, was matched by the expense involved. Mrs Dormouse accepted to continue as Hon-Treas and reported the latest credit balance of 32 acorns,

12 conkers and sundry assorted seeds cached in the churchyard and withheld the precise location due security considerations. Although usually a difficult debate, the assembled agreeably discussed Quotas and the following was agreed:


Howsham                     17 conkers and 81 seeded dandelion heads

Bossall                         37 fir cones and 13 ground nuts

Sand Hutton                 327 conkers and 1,021 acorns


This representing an increase of 4.0256% on the previous year and is to be offered to the Deanery budget along with the usual plea of poverty allied with difficult harvesting conditions. Appeals for help from neighbouring churches in other Benefices, unable to meet their own Quotas, were sympathetically heard and recorded before moving nto AOB and next meeting date.            














St Marys Church, Sand Hutton



Instead of the Mills coffee morning this year,

the family are hoping to have a



                w w w wSPONSORED BIKE RIDE w w w w


Bank Holiday Monday

30th May


Hope this early notice will arouse interest

make a note in your diary now!


 further details of mileage, forms and route etc.

will be in the next edition of The Circular





















A little humorous footnote!



A man and his wife were having an argument about who should brew the coffee each morning. The wife said “You should do it because you get up first and then we won’t have to wait as long for our coffee.”


Her husband said “You are in charge of cooking, so you should do it because that is your job, I can just wait around for my coffee.”


To which his wife replied “No you should do it, and besides it says in the Bible that the man should do the coffee:


“I can’t believe that, show me” responded her husband


So his wife fetched the Bible, opened the Old Testament and showed him at the top of several pages that it indeed says ‘HEBREWS’



and for all grandparents………..


After putting her grandchildren to bed, a grandmother changed into old slacks and a floppy blouse and proceeded to wash her hair.

As she heard the children getting more and more rambunctious, her patience grew thin, finally she threw a towel round her head and stormed into their room putting them back to bed with stern warnings.

As she left the room, she heard the three year old say with a trembling voice,  “who was THAT?”




While my grandson was visiting me he asked “Grandma, do you know how you and God are alike?”  Mentally polishing my halo I said “No, how are we alike?”

“You’re both old” he replied





When my grandson asked me how old I was, I teasingly replied,

“I’m not sure”

“Look in your trousers Grandpa” he advised “mine say I am 4-6”


Out of the mouths of babes!.........































      Items for ‘The Circular’


       Copy deadline for the next edition April 15th

  This will cover May June July


      Please could you send all entries via e mail to                          

      churchmouse@crambe.net. Unfortunately it may not be

  possible  to include anything received after that date.



                                                                 ‘Circular’ Parish Co-ordinators


          Bossall                             Kathy Fawcett                     01904 468355

          Buttercrambe                   Anne Archer                        01759 371058

          Crambe                             Mike Le Masurier               01653 619368

          Flaxton                             Wendy Holman                  01653 618886

          Foston                              Linda Fothergill                 01904 468760

          Gate Helmsley                 Anne Podmore                   01759 372320

          Howsham                         Judy Stephenson                01653 618673

          Thornton-Le-Clay          Sylvie Diggle                      01653 618334

          Upper Helmsley             Jane Herbert                        01759 371310

          Claxton/Sand Htn           Anne White                         01904 468550



                                           Advert Co-ordinator

                                               Judy Stephenson



      Contact numbers for

         Sand Hutton and Whitwell Group of Parishes


               Parish Priest:  Rev Ivan Howitt                       01904 468844

              Parish Sister:  Sister Margaret Ann CSPH      01904 468253

              Reader: Mr Tony Hewitt                                  01904 632684

              Lay Pastor: Mrs Rachel Baker                         01904 468809




       Fiona Le Masurier

       Crambe House, Crambe, York YO60 7JR

        Tel: 01653 619368      Email: churchmouse@crambe.net

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